Aprifood Agricultural Products Food Industry      Aprifood Agricultural Products Food Industry founded in Malatya City / Turkey by Mr. Fikret İmir in 1995. Mr. İmir with his vast experience , mentality and vision the Aprifood brand and name will be always   at your service as has been in the past .   His main aim to deliver the world famous dried apricots of our region to new markets and consumers. With the experience he has for many years time in the industry, he organized his plant and team to be a leader in this field.       Aprifood Agricultural Products Food Industry is one of the Biggest Dried Apricot Manufacturing companies , is situated on 2500 square meters of land which includes 1500 square meters of enclosed work areas that have been constructed according to European and AFI specification with White marbles ,anti-bacterial tile walls,and equipped with a microbiological laboratory to ensure a total quality.             We are as Aprifood Agricultural Produc